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A Client’s Eye View of Training with Nigel at Windover Fitness Studio

In my latter forties I wanted to lose weight and get fitter. I knew I’d need motivating but did not want to be advised by a young, recently-qualified Fitness Instructor.
I located Nigel through the National Register of Personal Trainers. Following a lifelong enthusiasm in all things active, he qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and was certificated as a Personal Trainer in 2002. In his fifties, his specialisation included the fitness of those over 40 and, as well as providing personal training at a client’s own home, Nigel also had his own personal training studio – the Windover Fitness Studio in a hamlet close to Alfriston. All in all he seemed to fit the bill.
Almost a year ago and with some trepidation I approached our first session. It focussed on assessing my fitness and goals and addressing the important areas of weight, body fat and metabolism to allow development of a programme tailored to suit me. Nigel prepared a very comprehensive report which once digested was secured under lock-and-key – while not unexpected, it was not reading for the faint-hearted! I also kept a food diary and Nigel’s analysis of that was helpful in making changes to my diet to help achieve better weight management without dieting!
Since then each training session has allowed me to progress. While always trying to focus on the elements that I most enjoy, for my own good, Nigel encourages me in others that I should have some ability in!
In the studio the Power-Plate has added a new dimension to the usual fitness regimes – even after my first session, my leg and core muscles felt much stronger and more enervated. The variation in exercise has been important; even in the studio no two sessions are the same – so helping maintain interest and enthusiasm – as well as getting results! Nigel has also got me circuit training in the fields, Nordic Walking on the Downs and even off road cycling in the mud!
Without the variety and Nigel’s encouragement I doubt I would have lasted more than a month or so of my new regime. As it is, I look forward to each session and with better weather hopefully around the corner, no doubt we will be getting out into the training fields again.
As I reach 50 I feel much more toned, have better posture, my ‘weights and measures’ have improved considerably and I am a lot fitter! My friends and family have frequently commented on my new look and my self-confidence has lifted. Nigel has helped me achieve and retain focus. It’s definitely been worth it.
Received March 2009 from AMC, East Sussex

In May 2008, eight months after a total knee replacement operation, I joined Windover Fitness Studio. Nigel understood my medical and physical problems and devised a fitness regime suitable to improve my mobility.  My Surgeon was so delighted with my progress a year after the op, he did not need to see me again.
My Husband and I thoroughly enjoy our weekly sessions at the Studio, we have fun and lots of laughter while we do various exercises.  We most definitely recommend Nigel as a Personal Fitness Instructor.
Also received March 2009 ~ from V Rogers of Seaford, East Sussex

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would enjoy going to a gym I would have said, "Nonsense the last place I would go to" - but now I love it (especially the rowing machine).
Received October 2009 from  Jill Wills, Polegate, East Sussex.  

WINDOVER FITNESS : the Training ParkWINDOVER FITNESS : Out Training Park : showing fields and woodland areas.  The Studio is at top right

We really hit the jackpot when we found you to train us. 
Received April 2008 from
G Curtis, Sedlescombe, East Sussex

Since Nigel introduced us to Nordic Walking, Peter is finding that he can walk further, faster and with more confidence. We have just managed three miles up on the South Downs way from BoPeep car park. This was the first time Peter has been able to walk up on the Downs for possibly five years. New knees and Nordic walking are an excellent combination.
Received August 2009 from Mr and Mrs Miles from East Sussex

For SKI SPECIFIC Conditioning :
The following received September 2005 from Mr David Croft, Director at FMS Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent :

"When I was skiing in December 2003 I injured my right knee in a fall whilst waiting for the ski-lift.   Through most of 2004 and right up to when I went skiing again in December 2004, Nigel's training programme was set up to adapt to the needs prescribed by my knee specialists.  Throughout the autumn 2004 we focused specifically on exercises to improve my balance and to prepare the knee for the stresses of the slopes again.  Nigel had never skied himself, but developed an amazing programme of exercises to simulate ski manoeuvres.  This coped with the fact that I needed to wear a special brace to protect the knee during twisting motions.  They felt right ... and I also found that the balance training really paid off when it came to the classes I took on the slopes."

The following received by text February 2006 from Marilyn Hunter from Godstone, Surrey :

"Hi Nigel.  Perfect skiing conditions.  Without our workouts i'd be dead!  Just about keeping up (... with teenaged ski-companions)  Going bowling 2night as if my knees needed more exercise!  Tired but happy. ..."

The following received by text April 2006 from Mrs R Gridley from Oxted, Surrey :
"Glad I did those squats.  Fitter and faster than other years.  Going well so far."

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