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The Studio appears small perhaps on the outside, but is large within and has a full-height gable window wall with a westerly aspect ~ views across the Cuckmere Valley towards Berwick Church and clear along the northern face of the South Downs.  The changing light and seasons seem to come right into the space

From Windover Studio ... a stunning view westwards over Berwick Church, via Bostal Hill, to Firle Beacon

The Long Man of Wilmington is visible from several points around the training field and to the front of the Studio (east).    From this chalk figure, we hope, comes inspiration for our Nordic Walking in the area and on our Training fields.

Windover Aerobic suite includes Tunturi T85F treadmill (2008 model) ...

... a Concept2 Model E Rower;

Cardiovascular Equipment ~ for heart and lungs :

  • Concept2 Rower® (Type E) with the added CORE POWER® seat modification to simulate better the effect of a hull on water, and so to stimulate core muscle activity throughout the rowing session
  • Concept2 SkiErg : specifically for upper body workout and ski-conditioning for arms and legs : and stimulating same muscles as Nordic walking.  This is most effective training for cross-country skiingCan be used directly in conjunction with both the Power Plate and our iJoy Board.
  • Upright (static) "spinninig" bike : by Tunturi
  • and a Turbo Trainer for a road bike
  • Folding power treadmill (Tunturi) with inclines range up to 10% (for times when the running field is not suitable due to weather or ground conditions)
  • Crosstrainer (also by Tunturi)
  • Rebounder by SuperTramp

... and a TUNTURI Spin Cycle (plus a Turbo Trainer for road bike enthusiasts)

Resistance and Core Conditioning :

We use functional training systems and POWER PLATE® Pro-5 to make a difference in your regime.

Windover Studio offers a wide range of resistance equipment; including a dual adjustable pulley machine, Power-Plate, BodyBars, Medicine Balls, kettlebells and dumbbells

  • Free weights including YORK dumbell series (1 kg to 17.5 kg)
  • Kettlebells sufficient for a small group class : 2 to 8 kg weights
  • Body Bars
  • Resistance bands and tubes
  • A spectacular Dual Adjustable Pulley machine : capable of undertaking virtually all muscle toning exercise on this one piece of equipment
  • a Multi Station Resistance machine was added early in 2017
  • POWER PLATE® Pro-5 model for whole body vibration/acceleration training.  SEE BELOW FOR MUCH MORE INFORMATION ON THIS SPECIAL ITEM OF TRAINING EQUIPMENT.
    We are a Power Plate Authorised Training Centre
  • Fitness/Stability Balls
  • Reebok® Core board

The Bells ~ the BELLS (up to 17.5 kg dumbbell pairs)plus : a range of steps, benches and other fitness accessories : including ... agility ladders, functional conditioning/suspension training using the MILOKIT® strap system, cones, BOSU®, GymSticks and sports-loading vests/ankle weights/wrist weights. 

  • One-to-One or One-to-Two or One-to-Three training in an outstanding environment. 
  • We take an Holistic approach ~ considering appropriate exercise and dietary/lifestyle issues.
  • Experience Counts : we have been established now for over 10 years and have many testimonials received in those years from satisfied clients who have achieved their goals.
  • Get away from the rat race for 30-minutes or an hour
  • Relax afterwards on the Deck (note that we also use the deck area under solar-shades during summer days for exercise outdoors on a range of equipment)
  • Exercising in a private Studio is NOT like exercising under the scrutiny of all the others attending an open Gym
  • Use of our private meadows and woodland for walking, cycling, Nordic Walking, agility and running training undertaken in the fresh air.  This is our "Gym of the Outdoors"
  • Exercise prescriptions by an experienced Personal Trainer to make the best use of some of your precious YOU-TIME

Power Plate used in combination(s) with other items of equipment in our purpose-made Fitness Studio for one-to-one or very Small GroupsAn EFFECTIVE TRAINING COMBINATION > here we show our Power Plate Pro-5 is positioned between the wings of our purpose-made Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine, from which we can hang our (red) Suspension Training straps, or a fixed long Body Bar, or using the pulley stacks individually or together with our Link-Bar.  We can truly Get the MAX from our acceleration training time ~ DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE !

Specialising in :

  •    weight management
  •    body toning
  •    sports-specific conditioning incl. power and agility, pre-ski-conditioning; and
  •    older adult specific exercise ~ especially maintaining muscle tone, healthy cardiovascular system, bone mineral density, balance & co-ordination

We are a Powerr Plate authorised Training Centre in East Sussex.    We have now run our Plate based BODY-VIBES classes for over a yearDiscover the Difference, whether it be for weight loss, bone strength, balance and circulation, or Sports Specific Conditioning ...


Power Plate equipment has a key place at the Windover Studio ... used for one-to-one as a part of an hour's training; OR special Power Plate group exercise opportunitiesHow POWER PLATE® Acceleration Training Works ...

POWER PLATE generates a natural stretch reflex

Power Plate being used with a Dual Pulley Machine at Windover Studio for a TRICEPS Push Away exerciseThe human body has natural reflexes such as the eye-lid reflex, the touch reflex and the stretch reflex. The stretch reflex is that which occurs when a doctor taps your knee with a hammer, this causes a reflex that extends the leg. The POWER PLATE® generates a continuous special stretch reflex called the Tonic Vibration Reflex in all involved muscles.

POWER PLATE® generates 30 to 50 reflexes per second
The special vibrating platform stretches the muscles, which activate Tonic Vibration Reflexes. Because the POWER PLATE® vibrates at 30 to 50 times per second, these involuntary muscle contractions happen at the same speed.  The POWER PLATE® vibrations can be adjusted in the frequency and amplitude to find a setting that is ideal and tolerable for each individual exercise : the frequency being adjustable down to 1 Hertz increments.

POWER PLATE® activates 95 to 97% of your muscle fibres
Not only will your muscles contract and relax at very high speed, but also the amount of muscle fibres in every single muscle involved exceeds the amount of muscle tissue utilised in regular training. For most people in conventional training a maximum of 40% of the muscle fibres per muscle are recruited. The POWER PLATE® vibrations recruit between 95% and 97% of the muscle fibres. This also means that the deeper posture and stabilizing muscles, such as the spinal muscles and the pelvic basin muscle, that are normally hard to train, can be stimulated. But how does this reflex create stronger muscles and increase fitness and health?

POWER PLATE® changes the acceleration factor
For years we tried to become stronger and healthier through weight training. Adding extra weight made the muscle adapt to this heavier load and become stronger. This is what the Greeks did in ancient times and this is what we still do. Now there is POWER PLATE® , where we change the acceleration factor instead of the weight with much less strain on the ligaments and muscular-skeletal system and no more long exhausting sessions.

The 10-minute result !
Just 10 minutes of Power Plate per session, 2 or 3 times a week, is enough to achieve your desired results. Now offers proven weight-loss advantage over traditional training regimes (ref : European Congress on Obesity, Amsterdam, May 2009 : the presentation of results of scientific study from Antwerp University College)
Most people still believe that getting fitter is about the duration of the training, but it's the intensity of the training that gives the result. By assuming various active positions on the POWER PLATE® you can stimulate different muscles and muscle groups. POWER PLATE® makes it possible to achieve fast and easy results in almost every part of the body.

Power Plate Pro-5 : for time-effective training.  Alongside our Power-Plate is a Pure H2O water filter and chiller stand ~ to ensure that you stay well hydrated throughout your workout.   A toilet and shower facility also available adjacent to the Studio (and from time-to-time positioned in appropriate positions for specific training needs within our Studio space.  We tailor that for individual client sessions)Effects :

Increased metabolism
Using the POWER PLATE® will intensify fat burning and improve the basic metabolism, reducing the subcutaneous layers of fat. Special massage exercises will also target specific problem areas.
Increased muscle strength
During a POWER PLATE® programme almost 100% of all muscle fibres in all muscle groups involved are activated. Clearly increasing both strength and muscle stamina.
Cellulite and cosmetic consequences
Massage programmes on the Power-Plate loosen up coagulated tissues and adhesions, break down fat cells and improve the mobility of tissue layers. As cellulite is broken down and the connective tissue is reinforced, the skin tone will improve.
Pain dampening
Due to increased blood circulation and the extra stimulation of the nerves, pain is diminished. The increase in muscle tension during training often leads to a reduction of residual tension which also reduces pain.
Improved flexibility
Intense circulation and warming of the muscles and tendons will enhance flexibility of the body as well as loosening tension, coagulation and adhesion of body tissues.
Improved fitness
As the muscle tissue gets stronger more will be required of the supply systems in the body, including the heart. This will lead to improved efficiency of all of these systems.
Activated circulation
During a POWER PLATE® programme the muscles work as a pump that introduces blood into even the smallest blood vessels at up to 50 times per second. This ensures that cells are provided with fuel very rapidly. As a result, the body will also carry off waste products much faster, leading to improved regeneration.
Improved coordination
Since all receptors in the body are stimulated simultaneously, both the inter- and intra-muscular coordination will improve. Reactions and sense of balance are also developed causing an immediate improvement.
Increased bone density
POWER PLATE® stimulates the growth of bone tissue. Scientific research has shown that bone-density increases after training on the POWER PLATE® . Combined with stronger muscles and an improved sense of balance it offers a positive contribution to the battle against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falling for the elderly in particular.

The standard one-to-one, one hour session of Personal Training is £48, pre-booked only with Nigel.  There are occasional offers and substantial concession rates available for block pre-payments : please contact us to review. 
INTRODUCTORY offer for new clients of 4 session hours for £125.


Groups are very welcome, and we offer a special Group Rate for either two or three people training together for "personal training" or a Fitness Circuit : that is £25 per person for one hour, pre-booked only with Nigel.

When already training with us, you may also be able to book to come to exercise at other times (limited availability and always subect to pre-booking only and the number of others already training in the Studio concurrently) : £10 per 60-minute session

Power Plate > at the heart of our effective Training RegimesPOWER PLATE® one-to-one 30 minute Special ~ 20 minutes as combination of POWER PLATE®/fitness ball after approx 10 mins warm-up & mobilise on aerobic machine : finishing with stretching : £25 pre-booked with Nigel

POWER PLATE® & Fitness Ball "Class Workout" ~ 30 mins as a small class group (2~3 members) around POWER PLATE® etc after 10 mins warm-up and mobilise on aerobic machine : one-to-two or one-to-three 30 mins Special : £12.50 each,  pre-booked with Nigel

POWER PLATE® Thursday evening ~ 45-minute Classes :  6:30/ 7:30 pm starts; or Tuesday mornings at 10am ~ comprising 10 mins warm-up & mobilise on aerobic machine; stretch; & followed by 30 mins class (max 4 members : pre-booked only) around POWER PLATE® : £10 each,  pre-booked; or £35 pre-paid for block of 5 classes (just £7 per class).  

­­­­­­FITNESS TESTING : we always undertake a full review and fitness test session of approx 75 to 90 minutes duration before allowing a new Client to use other equipment in our Studio.  The Client will receive a full written report on their results about 10 days after testing.  Our test protocol typically includes weights, measures, girths, blood pressure and resting pulse; BODYSTAT® body composition (body fat; base metabolic rate; hydration); as well as aerobic recovery after exercise, flexibility, grip strength and core stability.  The tests are designed to be readily repeatable, to give a basis for comparison in context of progress against goals.  The tests are adapted to suit specific needs or constraints (age, incapacity etc)  FitTest fee : £45

NUTRITION : Our nutrition advice is usually solely related to :
weight management/sports nutrition/energy management in conjunction with fitness consultations ...
    then the rate is the same and usually covered from the PT session rates.  

balance and fitness for life