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Windover Studio ~ a taste of this exclusive facility

Since January 2008, WINDOVER FITNESS has offered Personal Training with NIGEL BENTLEY at our exclusive Studio in Milton Street near Alfriston, East Sussex. 

With an up-to-the-minute Personal Training Studio and over 10 acres of outdoor Training Park comprising fields and woodland ~ WINDOVER FITNESS offers the best place to improve and develop your fitness.  

It is in the Cuckmere Valley of the South Downs, close to Alfriston.  It is a truly stunning location and offers clients an exclusive environment to train in : whether indoors in our STUDIO, or outdoors in our TRAINING PARK. 

More details on each aspect of our facilities can be found by following the respective MENU buttons on the left.

Nigel Bentley : Personal training as :  (1) LIFEafterFORTY.com CONSULTING; and (2) WINDOVER FITNESS in East SussexA FITTER YOU ? : we can help.


At Windover Fitness Studio we offer Nutrition and Exercise guidance in one package. 
This is also LIFEafterFORTY.com CONSULTING's own Personal Training base in East Sussex. In Surrey, since 2006 we have been based from the MATCHPOINT LifeLine (current name) Gym at Hurst Green near Oxted. 

LIFEafterFORTY.com CONSULTING was established in 2001, so now into its 17th year : and experience counts in this profession.  Full details of Nigel's training and qualifications can be found at our website :  lifeafterforty.com.

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE > Windover Fitness Studio is an Authorised Power Plate Training Centre.  Here on Tuesday mornings & Thursday evenings we host several small-group BODY-VIBES exercise classes (3 class times offered currently).

The GYM of the OUTDOORS makes the most use of our 10.5-acre, field and woodland, Training Park, when the weather allows!

To Contact us :
either email as details on the CONTACT US page; or telephone 01323 871554.

WINDOVER FITNESS STUDIO : a POWER PLATE Authorised Training CentreClearer details of the text from this image can be found following the FITNESS STUDIO tab

The view from our Studio westwards towards Firle Beacon and Berwick Church spireWhy exercise where you need a TV screen to keep your time in the gym bearable ??  At the Windover Fitness Studio you have stunning views to keep you inspired whilst you work out.

Originally coming from  East Surrey, we have been working in the Warlingham/Oxted/Caterham area since 2001.  We have now worked in Surrey for over 15 years, and maintain client activities there ourselves on usually one day per week. 
For more information follow link to www.lifeafterforty.com  

Our regular working base in East Surrey is Matchpoint LifeLine in Holland Road, Hurst Green, to the south of Oxted.

Contact us for more information.

The Long Man of Wilmington : inspiration for many Nordic walkers on our Training fields : in view and only a short walk away > regularly forming a part of a Taster walk

The Long Man of Wilmington
~ a giant Nordic Walker perhaps ?   Best of all is the fact that He looks down over our Nordic Training Park

You can reach us by phone on 01323 871554; or mobile 07930 738034 (although mobile reception in the Cuckmere Valley is not too good!)  

  • to arrange more information about training at the Windover Fitness Studio : carole@windover.info
  • OR directly to our Personal Trainer in East Sussex : nigel@windover.info

If you are not familiar with Personal Training or using an Individual Fitness Studio, then we would be pleased to hear from you!    Do let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help if we can.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our consultancy was established in its present form in 2001 and has been responsible for providing outstanding nutrition and fitness consultancy in Surrey (testimonials are available) ever since.  More information about our qualifications, training practice and some testimonials can be found at www.lifeafterforty.com 

Working in the South Downs and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, WINDOVER FITNESS (incorporating LIFEafterFORTY.com CONSULTING) now offers :

  • Personal training, either in our own Fitness Studio at Windover (1-to-1 or 1-to-2 or 1-to-3) or at your home or work, or in the open air;
  • Nutritional Therapy;
  • Nordic Walking;
  • Rambling Groups (half day; whole day and Guided weekends away);
  • Exercise classes run weekly in Seaford area, Wilmington village, plus Boot Camp sessions on our private fields when the weather allows; and
  • Power Plate whole body vibration training : a Power Plate Authorised Training Centre.  Try one of our four small-group BODY-VIBES exercise classes based around use of the Power Plate.

Discover the Difference that Power Plate technology can make in your training sessions

You should definitely consult your GP first if  :
   you have not exercised for some time, suffer from breathlessness, dizziness, chest pains or have a pre-existing medical condition; or
   you have led a particularly sedentary lifestyle; or
   you have not seen your GP for many months (or longer!) ...

HOWEVER, in most cases the response will be that it is more dangerous for your health and longevity to continue as you have been unless that is already under medical advice ... i.e. ~ to maintain an inactive or otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

balance and fitness for life 


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