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One of our regular Surrey Clients (BUT, his choice of tee-shirt > NOT supplied by Windover Fitness!!)UK healthcare charity Nuffield Health has found that its members reaching the pension age and above visit the gym on average more times per year than teenagers.

The charity analysed usage figures of its 120,000 fitness and wellbeing centre members and found that gym visits peaked at 66-years-old, having increased by four times each decade.   People in their sixties and above make more than 20 additional trips on average compared to teenage members, while those in their seventies and eighties visit the gym 70 times a year.

A Windover Fitness BODYWORKs Older Adult class at Seaford Baptist Church (Friday afternoons)According to the charity, more than a quarter (27 per cent) of the total membership base are aged at least 50-years-old, Nuffield Health managing director of consumer wellbeing Laura Kerby said: “Our fitness and wellbeing centres have a very solid number of older members wanting to maintain and improve their overall health and fitness. “The health MOT these members receive means they are reassured that their fitness activity has a positive impact on their health.”

Nuffield Health medical director for consumer wellbeing Dr Sarah Dauncey added: “We are living and working longer than ever before, so it is essential that people are given the tools they need to take control of their own health.”

Extract from BLOG on REPs website (10.3.12)

U3A Walkers form Caterham in Surrey (23 in Jan 2011) Nigel Comment :
This research only looks at gym attendance.  In our experience more mature "generations" are getting more active not only within indoor models for exercise (the Gym/Studio/classes, and so on), but also for outdoor classes & many aspects of outdoor sports > of course, including our own rambling and Nordic Walking events, too (see images).  

38 Caterham U3A Walkers out in January 2012 ((led by Nigel as Oakleafe Ramblers for Windover Fitness)


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