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You may be familiar with Bridgit Jones’ attempt at skiing in the second film, The Edge of ReasonWe use that as an example frequently with clients!  If you are tired on the slopes, and the muscles are not prepared, for ski or snowboarding, then that tiredness will undoubtedly affect your performance, enjoyment and (as the statistics confirm) :  your safety.

Most ski or snowboard accidents seem to occur on the second and third days of occasional winter sports trips.

Just a couple of months of thorough preparation before you go, at least 3 weeks, can prevent the aches, improve your balance and general preparedness for the slopes.

We show you how to stretch properly, to prepare muscles and how to condition them at home; and using specialist equipment available at WINDOVER STUDIO : as follows :

Power Plate used with a Concept2 Ski-Erg machine ~ great for poling preparation for Skiers! We have a special programme of exercises developed using our Core Board & BOSU, the POWER PLATE® machine and the all new SkiErg (from Concept2 ~ the rower people).  We also have a snow-board simulator :
the whole concept designed to get your muscles and joints, your balance and confidence totally ready for the winter holidays.

SkiErg is ideal for conditioning for Nordic walking and for cross-country skiing.

The end of the Ski-Erg pull using PLATE-Vibrations to potentiate the exercise (4 minutes is usually more than enough!)

It is never too late to start pre-ski preparations : but it is better if we have at least 3 weeks notice to prepare and implement a programme!  Two months is ideal.

Skiing and snow-boarding are not the only sports that we can prepare you for :   for greater enjoyment, performance and less aches!  We have prepared sports specific programmes for clients involved with : cycling, horse riding, motorsports, cruiser racing (offshore), swimming, golf ... to name but a few.  

Testimonials are available on our TESTIMONIALS page ~ from clients who have tested the effectiveness of our pre-ski programme.

Using our combination of Power Plate and Suspension Training > a great combination ... here for a deep squat, and with added shoulder, arm and upper back conditioning in pulling-in at the top of the squat

We have also offered fitness conditioning programmes to suit the following (not ALL of them being sports related) :

  • Pro-Am Motor Sport (see Testimonials)
  • Cruiser racing (i.e. for Cowes Regatta > see freeindex testimonials)
  • Equestrian events and also just for hacking, better inner thigh and core conditioning
  • Swimming
  • Salsa, Tango and Argentine Tango Dance conditioning : leg muscles, core stability and aerobic fitness (endurance) >  (see a typical image as below)
  • Boxercise
  • Professional Musician > a member of one of our national Philharmonic Orchestras.  Specifically we have looked at postural endurance, core conditioning and stretches to assist long sessions in practice and performance (plus ... world travelling)
  • Cyclists for road and mountain-biking
  • and last but not least, a member of the London Olympics 2012 Games ... ok, from the Protocol Team

Dance Conditioning for leg muscles, here using Training Heels on (protected) surface of our Power Plate

Continuation here ... Dance Conditioning > using a variety of different equipment to achieve the required results for position, or posture, or instability to condition the core

The Shin muscles for cyclists that use proper ankling (or "wiping the feet") style of pedalling > here we are conditioning the Tibialis Anterior using our Power Plate and a Silver Exercise Band (although the Plate surface is cruel to such resistance band use!!)

Chinning exercise based on the vibrating Power Plate using our Equipment CombinationShoulder and back conditioning (as well as legs and core) in one go, all using the PLATE for CHINNING exercise, a combination using the Dual Adjustable Pulley machine around our Power Plate Pro-5 with a long 5-foot BODY BAR as the support.  This for one of our yachtsmen ...

Chinning to look over the top : prime mover conventionally is the Latissimus Dorsi... great for conditioning this yachtsman's shoulders etc

Tricep Dips for 60 seconds at about 36 hertz Vibration (High Amplitude) >  toughAND next, some TRICEP DIPS

Going Down the low point in the TRICEP DIP



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